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Surface Production Operations (2nd Edition) Volume 1 - Design of Oil-Handling Systems and Facilities

Publisher : Elsevier
Copyright / Pub. Date: © 1999
ISBN : 978-0-88415-821-9
Electronic ISBN : 978-0-0805-1821-3
No. Pages : 461
Author/Editor : By: Arnold, Ken; Stewart, Maurice
Release Date : Feb 28, 2006
Subject Area(s) : Oil & Gas Engineering

Description: This book carefully describes the equipment and processes commonly used in oil-water separating and treating systems. Helps you to understand the basic concepts and techniques needed to design, specify, and operate oilfield surface production facilities.

This volume is a thorough, practical reference for specifying, designing, operating and troubleshooting surface production equipment. Focusing on the "why's" as well as the "how's", the authors share their many years of field and classroom experience to give readers a sound basis for understanding and implementing production specifications and management techniques. Both volumes give project engineers, and anyone else who must coordinate and communicate with vendors and detail specialists, important insights into all key areas of surface production operations. Also, each volume contains many example problems that illustrate the latest technology and its applications.

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