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Natural Gas Measurement Handbook

Product Description

Natural Gas is becoming an increasingly important component of our world’s energy supply as more and more countries turn to natural gas as one of their main sources of energy. Along with it’s companion from Gulf Publishing Company, The Natural Gas Engineering Handbook, these two books form the basic library for any engineer working with natural gas today.

About the Author

James E. Gallagher is president and CEO of his own company, Savant Measurement Corporation. He previously worked for Shell companies for over 20 years in a variety of positions including Manager of Measurement. Gallagher is very active in a number of professional associations, including the American Petroleum Institute and the American Gas Association. He is recognized as a global expert on fluid flow and measurement. Gallagher has many awards and honors to his credit and has written numerous papers and manuals. He holds several patents and has invented several devices used in the oil and gas industry in the field of fluid flow and measurement.

• Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Composition and Quality
3. Physical Properties and Process Conditions
4. Measurement Concepts
5. Orifice Flowmeter
6. Ultrasonic Flowmeter
7. Turbine Flowmeter
8. Rotary Displacement Flowmeter
9. Calculations
10. Secondary and Tertiary Devices
11. Electronic Gas Measurement
12. Uncertainty
13. Measurement System Design
14. Orifice Flowmeter Design
15. Ultrasonic Flowmeter Design
16. Turbine Flowmeter Design
17. Rotary Displacement Flowmeter Design
18. Inspection, Testing, Verification, Calibration, and Certification
Appendix: Standards, Publications, and Regulations
• Glossary

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